Depression and pain is real; I believe that it’s happening on a large scale globally. I think that a lot of people become very comfortable with certain things in their lives.  We all make decisions about our life, we can make a decision to pull ourselves out of certain situations if we really want to change. On the other side there are people that are very comfortable being stuck in it.  We all have varying degrees of loss, sadness and pain in our lives and it’s a necessity really because we would not appreciate the great times and the hopeful times and all the amazing things that life has if we grab it. It’s a personal choice to get up and move and be better.

We all read quotes that say nothing happens in our comfort zone but do we really get it? I think it’s important to take a step back and think about our daily actions, what we do and what we don’t do. One day in April 2018 we will wake up, look at ourselves in the mirror and say to ourselves why we didn’t do the things that matter most, the things that will make us grow. We will feel regret and pain because deep inside we will know that we didn’t do the things that were right in the moment, we wanted to feel good for a day, a month, a year. Why not do the things that make us grow and go beyond.