One day I was at Starbucks speaking to friend about comfort zone and how social freedom exercises made me feel alive. Out of the blue at 12:30 I said we should push our limits and go Skydiving, My mate looked at me and said let’s do it (he didn’t do it in the end). I had no idea about the cost, how, what and where. I made a conscious decision that I want to go Skydiving. I suggested to go the same day, I didn’t know that you need to book in advance. Long story short I called them every day but nobody was picking up the phone, one day after all the challenges we booked a tandem skydiving. We booked it 5 weeks in advance.

Today 22nd of July we made the jump, we moved out of our comfort zone, we went beyond fear. I was telling my brain every single minute that I’m excited not scared because excitement and fear is the same emotion; the only difference is what we tell our brain.

We had our morning briefing and we flew 11,000 feet to jump out of an airplane. If you would tell me in May that I will be on a plane with open door and jump I would think that you are out of your mind. How our beliefs and values change if we want to grow and go beyond.

I learned a lot of life lessons about this experience and the most important lesson I learned is that I can achieve anything I want as long as I make a conscious decision and really want to achieve it. Our close friends (family included) will try to influence us and tell us what we should do or what we shouldn’t do. People who are scared of going they will tell us not to do something because they are scared of doing it and they need to justify their lie. It has nothing to do with us, it has to do with them; the story that they told themselves, they need to justify it. It’s like thinking big; how many people tell us don’t think big and don’t go beyond because THEY need to justify their actions. That’s another story.

How can I describe this experience? I don’t really know, there is just one word; priceless. This was the most amazing experience of my life. The moment you fall and you actually fly you can see the whole world in front of you, you feel fulfilled with life on another level. You are free from everything, it’s pure freedom.

I loved the feeling so much that I applied for an AFF Skydiving course (Accelerated Free Fall course is designed to teach you to become a fully fledged skydiver,) Today I look forward to learn Skydiving and push my limits to another level.

If you want to go beyond and have this sessional, blissful feeling book your Tandem and go Skydiving. I will share this experience in more details at Think Beyond Conference.

Without exaggerating I’m looking at life in a total different way, I made an important life decision after the jump because I understood that fear is holding me back from a lot of things. I don’t want to be 90 years old man and have regrets, because regret is poison.

Live life with passion. 

Thank you Leigh Hobbo Hobson and the team very much. Leigh was an amazing instructor, he explained everything and was so kind. Thank you Leigh.