I had an interesting conversation with a couple of my friends about escapism. We all have our own way of escaping, for me I love reading books and writing my thoughts on a piece of paper. I love watching stand-up comedies and documentaries on Netflix. For some people it’s going out and drinking, for others it’s going to a football match. We all have different ways on how we escape.

Some people go out every week to nightclubs, it’s their way of escaping. Let’s say they go out for drinks every Friday and Saturday, from 21:00-04:00, that’s on average 14 hours every single week then add another 8 hours per week on recovering, that’s 22 hours per week which makes the investment on feel good and alcohol around 88 hours per month.  The reality is that we don’t really escape, we just “pause” and forget about reality for 88 hours a month. You might say that I work 100 hours per week and I don’t have a life. The answer is simple; I love what I do and I want to improve in every single area of my life; which means I must invest on myself. I will go out for a cheeky glass of wine or for a coffee but I allocate time for this ‘luxuries’ and the truth is I can’t afford certain ‘luxuries’. Your ambitions and my ambitions are different but I believe we have one goal that is the same; going beyond our own expectations. I prefer investing in me, in IQD and in my future. I feel good when I accomplish things, when I move forward, when I push my limits and go beyond.

We all make investments in our lives with our time and energy and we all have different priorities. Why not become better in our industry, why not become more valuable in the company we work for? The majority of people complain about companies they work for yet they don’t go beyond and help their company to grow. We become more valuable when we learn and deliver better results, when we are more creative, more productive and most important happier. End of the day we make our own decisions and every night we make our own bed.