There is a lot of things in swimming. You swim one lap and the other person swims one lap with you. You swim 10 laps and the other person swims 10 laps. A lot like most of the engagements we have with other people. The most important thing is we decide with who we swim with and practice every day.

Maybe we spend time with people who spend a lot of time talking to us about “others” rather than “us”. Maybe they are filled with skepticism or negativity or they might deny the fact that we’ve based our work on our future.

It’s very hard to change them. It’s unlikely that they’re going to make us better. Probably when we will want to swim 100 laps they will not want to swim 100 laps but will try to keep us at 10 laps. They don’t want to grow and move forward. We need to consider swimming with someone else.

Our agenda is ours, our future is ours. We should really think about it. We should just throw it away without thinking about it. Sometimes, well know a lot of times it’s very hard because with some of these people we used to swim with since our childhood, they know everything about us but the reality is that we will not level up with them. The reality is that we will continue swimming 10 laps for the next 10 years.