Just think about it for a moment, what is the actual cost of doing nothing? You might say well it’s nothing, zero. I might say £10k, £15k or £1million. I believe that doing nothing actually costs much more than doing something. Let’s get into this and dig deeper into what the actual cost is doing nothing.

Let me elaborate on what I mean by saying doing nothing. I mean that doing nothing in sense of not having a digital strategy, not building that website, not writing that book, not tweeting, not doing live scopes, not calling that woman, not taking out your partner for dinner –  you get the picture.


If we think about the cost of doing nothing it costs a lot. We need to make an excuse and justify why we can’t make it, we need to shift our energy and focus on coming up with all the excuses we can make to not take the actions we KNOW we need to take. If we use our energy on making excuses, then what energy do we have left to do important things for ourselves?

I will give you a personal example that you can learn from. Two years ago I decided to write a book about digital marketing. I started writing it and then I stopped. When people were asking me what I was up to I would often mention that I was writing a book and how I was a wanna-be writer. As time flew-by I made excuses about WHY I hadn’t finish the book yet; ”I have clients, I make grammar mistakes” and so on. Lately I was fully committed and said to myself that no matter what I was going to write every single week for a minimum of eight hours. I really didn’t care if I had five projects or ten projects, I didn’t care if I went without sleep for 24 hours,  I said to myself that I would not sleep until I write this book.


You see the cost of doing nothing for me is huge. There are so many people out there that don’t know who I am, they need help with their digital marketing and I’m not helping them. My objective is to help and improve people’s lives, encouraging them to Think Beyond. So the cost of this particular project is massive. Maybe that cost is reaching out to one million people. Now for me the ROI on that is huge. Because from that million some will like me some will not. That’s life, we can’t please everybody. So based on the book some of these people will follow me on my social media channels, start watching my YouTube videos and start interacting with me. In the past two years I made up so many excuses and did jack sh** , and doing nothing cost me so much more money. By the end of 2015 you will see my book in publication, I promise you that. So the cost of doing nothing is priceless because you can’t put a price on human beings, you can’t put a price on a relationship. The cost is priceless because so many opportunities are lost.


What I would suggest to you – and me for that matter – is to start taking action.  In 2020 we will look at our lives and thank ourselves for taking all the actions that were required and we will regret not taking actions that were required to bring us closer to our vision. The same goes for our companies. What do you think will change in your business if you don’t make changes? Growth doesn’t come by itself. I don’t think somebody will knock on my office door and bring me a cheque for £1 million. I have to take massive actions to achieve what I want to achieve. You reading this article is taking action, you are one step ahead of everyone else. You sharing this article gets you two steps ahead (just kidding). It’s taking action. One day I was thinking to myself and realised that I’m actually bored of making the same excuses all the time. So I said to myself that nobody can stop me achieving my goals, it’s all up to me. If I have to give up sleep I will, I will give up everything to achieve all my goals.

Let’s do this together.

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