Hello, I’m Alexander Novicov. I’m striving to become the best version of myself to inspire people to live with passion, so they can make a positive impact with their purpose.

I’m a public speaker, author of Not Another Pair of Shoes, a vegan ultra marathon-runner, endurance coach, skydiver and minimalist, but most importantly, I’m a human being.

I run a boutique agency called Way. We help people and brands discover the invisible power of brand purpose and storytelling.

I had the pleasure to be a keynote speaker at various conferences and share ideas around the world. I spoke at Greenwich University in London, University of Nicosia, 13th Digital Marketing Forum, I was a keynote speaker alongside AKON at AIBC Conference in Dubai and at Strategy CMO at Helsinki, Finland.

I speak about how brands can find the invisible power of purpose and storytelling.

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