I received a message from a person on my social channel that commented on one of my videos where I talked about make up and how the make up artist justifies her pricing.  The girl that commented told me that she didn’t understand the point of the whole video and that she wasted 5 minutes of her life watching it.  As you might already know, I care a lot, like A LOT.  If something is not clear, I want to make sure that I communicate it and explain it to everybody in very simple English language.

Let me elaborate on what I mean — how do we justify our pricing with our web presence?  I was driving from a meeting with Athos (Digital Execute @IQD) and we were searching for a make up artist for a campaign we were working  on.  We got 5 referals from a trusted partner of ours, so we started calling each make up artist.  We called the first lady and she told us a price, which I think it was around €150 for the shooting day.  We asked her where we could go and see her work, her website link, Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook.  She told us that she didn’t have a website and the only way that we could see the work is from her personal profile.  First of all, I don’t add people on Facebook who I don’t know on my personal account — that’s personal.  I have a fan page where people message me and interact, or they can use LinkedIn which is a professional social media channel.  The point is that we couldn’t see her website or anything.  Of course we called the next one because we wanted to see the work that they do.

When we are selling something, we need to have a web presence.  It doesn’t matter what we sell.  Every single business (personal branding included) needs to have a web presence so we can get attention and gain interest from our clients or potential clients. If you charge someone (like the make up artist wanted to) you need to justify your price by showing your work.  How on earth would I know if you are good enough for us and how would you show your credentials?  On yesterday’s ThinkBeyond Episode, I said that 90% of advertising doesn’t work.  We as human beings don’t believe in sponsored messages.  We need to prove to our potential clients that we are credible. So, when someone is already at your ‘door’ and is ready to buy, you need to make sure that your ‘store’ exists. These are the basics, not mentioning how great your ‘store’ is.


So, if you are charging €150, your potential client needs to see the VALUE in it.  How else would they trust you?  Do you think they will believe everything you say?  Hmm, I doubt it.  To prove your credibility, you need to have testimonials, case studies, clients that you have worked with, projects that you have worked on.  It all depends on the industry you are in.  For the make up artist, she could use testimonials, visual images of her work, clients that she has worked with and maybe to go beyond to create a few short videos.

So for our girl that didn’t understand the point of the video, I hope this article helps.  Because I saw her profile and she is a make up artist, here are a few tips:

  • Create a website (WordPress or any other free tools)
  • Create a Pinterest / Instagram / Snapchat and Facebook Fan Page account
  • Put out great content showing your work

That’s it.  It’s not easy, but do you want to attract more clients or do you want to stay with your current clients and wait for someone to knock on your door?


We all have the same opportunities, so don’t waste them!

Be great.