Why do we love sales tips and quotes so much? As an article from salesforce mentions, we believe in our own potential, our capacity to learn and grow. For those of us who Think Beyond we are constantly striving to conquer new sales challenges, close new deals and shatter old records.

With digital marketing growing so fast, the way people buy has changed fundamentally. The way we make purchasing decisions has also changed.

1. Guy Kawasaki, Author, Venture Capitalist and Technologist

Enchantment is the purest form of sales. Enchantment is all about changing people’s hearts, minds and actions because you provide them a vision or a way to do things better. The difference between enchantment and simple sales is that with enchantment you have the other person’s best interests at heart, too.

2. Josh James, CEO of Domo

Sales-driven cultures can really differentiate you from the majority of your competition. That doesn’t mean being salesperson oriented, just sales oriented: winning deals, smelling the blood and going in for the kill.

3. Brian Frank, Global Head of Sales Operations at LinkedIn

When you have a multi-tiered sales effort, the first thing you want to do is understand the market. You want to go out there and map the competitive landscape. You want to know what your customers are saying.

4. Jeffrey Gitomer, Author of “21.5 Unbreakable Laws of Selling”

Use your CRM to retain customers. If your main contact leaves, and a new, unknown person takes over, your account is in jeopardy — especially if the new employee doesn’t know about your value to his company. Well, if your Salesforce account notes are detailed (who and when you connected, what happened, what was the client reaction), you can print your past history and present this information to the new person as evidence of how you conducted your relationship. This will help the new employee see the impact you have had. IMPLEMENTATION PLAN: Record all interactions AND all outcomes. Keep your Salesforce account up to the minute. It could be worth a customer.

5. Jill Konrath, Author of “SNAP Selling” and “Selling to BIG Companies”

Salespeople today ARE the differentiator. That’s why it’s so critical for you to focus onbecoming a valuable business asset to your customers.

6. Mike Bosworth, Author of “Solution Selling”

The best salespeople know that their expertise can become their enemy in selling. At the moment they are tempted to tell the buyer what “he needs to do,” they instead offer a story about a peer of the buyer.

7. Mark Organ, CEO at Influitive

Build advocates and mobilize them.

8. Lori Richardson, CEO & Founder of Score More Sales

Be an example. Are you prompt? Are you professional? Are you engaged? As sales leaders, we have to set the bar high for ourselves as well as our teams. Sales leadersoften look distracted while they are talking to their reps. Sometimes, it’s as simple as checking your smartphone when somebody is trying to tell you something important. It may seem insignificant, but it sends the wrong message. How can you expect your reps to stay engaged if you looked distracted and you’re the one who’s supposed to be setting the tone?

9. Brian Kardon, CMO at Lattice Engines

Find your trigger. Find the qualities that make a lead more likely to convert, and focus on those leads.

10. Grant Cardone, CEO at Grant Technologies