If you are dating someone who works in marketing and sales, then count yourself very lucky! But if you are swiping right on Tinder or hoping that one day somebody will introduce you to the perfect partner then you will be waiting for ages. Perhaps you should put down the phone and attend a workshop (p.s Think Beyond) or start having conversations with people in coffee shops (not nightclubs).

Marketers make the ideal partner, of course not all marketers because some of them have an 80’s mentality of selling. I mean a marketer that think’s and operates in today’s world. Let me share with you some points of my bold claim:

  1. They know when to talk and when to listen

One great skill that great salespeople have is knowing how to let the client talk. There is no other way that you can learn about your potential clients unless you let them do most of the talking. People love talking about themselves, that new award they won, their new pen and their stories so date someone in sales and they will listen.

  1. They ask the right questions

People who are in sales know the rule of “two ears, one mouth” and they also know the right questions to ask to get their client to open up. When they ask the right questions they can have a deep and meaningful conversation with their client. This is useful in having great conversations and an open honest dialect in a relationship.

  1. They know what hard work is

Everybody says that relationships (and marriage) are hard work. I believe that sales is the toughest job. Salespeople are extremely hard workers and are willing to put in the time and effort to bring home the bacon.

  1. You will not wait

Sales guys are constantly waiting for potential clients to call them back, answer to their email or tell them that they are alive. This makes them very aware of the frustration associated with waiting around on someone. If you date a salesperson, they will understand the importance of punctuality and return your calls in a timely manner.

  1. They are willing to compromise

To dance tango, it takes two people – the same in sales; to close a deal requires the client and the sales person to want to work together, both sides equally. Salespeople have to know how to compromise with their client on budget, time and everything else that involves the deal.

What a great quality in a romantic partner as well – relationships require compromise and be willing to make small adjustments to make it work.

  1. They are not over sensitive

In sales you get a NO every single day, in a month an average salesperson might hear a NO around 500 times from potential clients. If you are going to make it in sales, you need to get over rejection quickly and have pretty thick skin. When dating a salesperson, you don’t have to worry about them getting bent out of shape for small little details.

  1. They are optimistic and make you feel good

In sales you must create trust with your clients and build great rapport. Awesome salespeople not only know how to make their clients feel at ease, but can also make them feel better. If you come home stressed out one day or have had a bad day there’s no doubt that if anyone can cheer you up and make you feel better about things, it’s salespeople. It’s their job to be optimistic and always look for solutions.