Cash is king isn’t? Sales brings cash in. In this video blog article I will share with you 3 tips plus a bonus tip on how you can increase your sales in your company….

Whenever you are selling pens or t-shirts you can apply this 4 tips to increase your sales. Before we get started I want to share with you two mindsets that we all need to adopt. I order to sell something we need to GIVE, GIVE and GIVE than ask for the sale.  It’s very important for us to be giving out information to our potential clients before we give. The second mindset is we need to become media companies. If we want to get reach and get people engaged with our content we need to think like a media company. Let’s go into our 4 tips.

1. Use Facebook Dark Posts to sell your product. It’s a very effective way to sell and target your core target audience. Create 30 or 40 different banners and target your audience. You must create your post/advert as targeted as possible. The more targeted it’s the better the response will be. Currently not a lot of brands are using FB Dark Posts so we have a huge advantage because it’s still underpriced.

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2. Re-Targeting campaign is a very good way to remind your potential clients that visited your website that they forgot something. When you run a campaign remember that people already visited your website and they know your brand, so your messaging should be different from a banner to a person that doesn’t know your brand. When people don’t know your brand you should focus on Brand Awareness and Brand Equity then sales.

3. Email marketing is a very effective way to send personalised emails to your audience and yes it’s still works. Your open rates might not be 80% like it was 5 years ago BUT you can get 18%-20% open rates and achieve great results. I had a client that made £50k from one email campaign that we send.  P.S If you want to get some email marketing campaign inspiration you can check out my Pinterest Board.

4. Google AdWords, yes AdWords. If the creative part is great and your product is amazing then people will click and buy your product. I would suggest to you to focus on questions that people have before they BUY your product. Before we buy any product we always have questions, so rather than using google ad words and bidding for the most popular keyword use questions and promote your blog articles with answers. Maybe you Medium to write your blog articles. It will cost you less and when people will be ready to BUY you will be on the top of their mind.

There you have it, 4 great tips to increase your sales. You can implement them instantly and see results.

What is your opinion? Did you try to use one of the above tips and got results?