The first thought came to my mind when I started writing this is ‘because you all asked’ and it made me laugh. You know when people write because you asked we are coming to your country or developed a new product.

Now, let’s get serious for a minute. I’m doing passionate hustle workshops in a few locations around the world and I would like to meet you and share valuable information with you. If you are in any of the following cities countries I would love to share with you valuable knowledge on how you can start your own small passionate hustle without leaving your day job.

This is for people who want to find meaning and start something on the side, earn more, have more freedom and of course, go beyond.

I will have one content marketing workshop on the 22nd of March at Hilton Park Nicosia which will take place all day. You can view details and book your ticket here. The rest workshops are passionate hustle workshops.

So it all starts on the 24th of March in Nicosia, Cyprus @ Hilton Park Nicosia. You can view event details and tickets here.

31st of March, Saturday at Radisson Blu Leongrad Hotel. You can view event details and tickets here.

26th of April, Thursday at Hilton Park Nicosia.

14th of May. Monday in Zurich, Switzerland at Walhalla Hotel. Tickets will go on sale soon.

19th of May, Saturday in Montreal, Canada at Marriott Chateou Complain. Tickets will go on sale soon.

23rd of May, Wednesday in Toronto, Canada. Location and tickets to be confirmed soon.

12th July, Thursday in Lisbon, Portugal. Location and tickets to be confirmed soon.

Where is London you might ask? London baby is coming in the second part of the year and you will see me more often…

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