A passionate hustle is something that a person that has passion in his blood can start. It’s something that helps us create a lifestyle we truly desire. The beauty of a small hustle is that we don’t have to take a huge risk; leave your day job and invest all your money in your small hustle. It’s exactly the opposite; you keep your day job and you start on the side something that you are passionate about.

There are many reasons why somebody would want to start a passionate hustle, so here are seven reasons why it’s a great idea.

  1. More freedom

This one is huge for me personally, hence it’s number one. I love having the freedom to do the things I want to do. Even work – I love the freedom of working remotely. Even writing this article 40,000 feet above ground is a very pleasant experience for me. You might not want to replace your full-time job with your passionate hustle but knowing that you can and having the financial freedom to do that, it’s priceless.

Once you start your passionate hustle you will be able to have more mental freedom. You will be able to think differently, go on more holidays, pay off a debt, save for a nice ring you want to buy, buy a present out of the blue for your parents and increase your cash flow. Can you imagine having six months’ worth of expenses in your bank account? The feeling is awesome. Your confidence will increase dramatically.

  1. More confidence

Confidence doesn’t grow on trees right? Of course. Confidence grows from doing. When I’m unproductive my confidence drops to the floor. When I produce and I create more things my confidence goes through the roof. It all starts from what we do every day and our confidence can dramatically increase once we start doing small daily tasks.

With a passionate hustle you can increase your confidence at work and in your personal life because you will not depend on one income. You will have a different vibe about you, you will be able to make different decisions.

When we increase our core confidence people can see it and feel it. I know in some cases people received job offers from competitors and within a month they received an increase in their morning job. There are so many things that confidence can do for you.

  1. Better lifestyle

By better lifestyle I don’t mean buying more things; it’s the opposite. I believe that we need less things and more meaningful things. By better I mean that you might want to travel by Emirates First Class where it’s more comfortable, you might want to buy a new Mac, you might want to choose a five star hotel rather than a three-star hotel. It all depends what you value in life and what you want to improve.

You might want to help your parents or grandparents. We all can agree that money can help us all increase our quality of life.

Increase the quality of your life with your own passionate hustle.

  1. More Opportunities

When you create and share your passion with the world you will start meeting new people. This means that you will have more opportunities to network, learn and grow. You will have more opportunities in your side hustle and in your morning job.

Companies that like what you do will reach out to you and will hire you. They will be able to see your passion, your skills and and your ability. This is a huge advantage even when you negotiate your salary rise or a new package.

You can use your small hustle quite a lot to leverage your passion and create lasting relationships that you would never have acquired otherwise.

  1. Inspire Others

We all know that everybody can talk a good talk but few can actually walk the walk. The reason that everyone can’t walk the walk is because it’s hard. Once you start your passionate side hustle you will inspire your relatives, friends and strangers to pursue something that they have been thinking of doing.

People will start asking you questions, how did you start, what did you do, how did you find your passion and tons of other questions. Knowing that our actions inspire others is what keeps me going.

Some people will never tell you that you inspired them but they will start doing. You will feel amazing about yourself and you will want to push yourself and go beyond.

When we don’t take action we ‘inspire’ others not to take action because this gives them an excuse for why they are not doing what they should be doing. Why not leave a positive effect on people’s lives rather than a negative one. 


  1. Live with Purpose & Meaning

Just making money and paying our bills is not interesting. I believe that we are all capable of much more. When we wake up with the desire to live and go beyond we feel that we have so much to give. Passion is contagious, when we are passionate about life others automatically become more passionate.

To live with purpose means that when we face obstacles in our life we find solutions, when we feel alone we find more reasons to push ourselves and go beyond. We don’t waste time on meaningless activities like watching TV, we are conscious about where we spend our time and energy.

So many things in our life take so much energy from us that it’s ridiculous. Why not invest our energy in meaningful things that have a positive outlook on our life?

With a passionate hustle you will be able to try things, to experience new things in your life and be able to live with passion.

There you have it, seven reasons to start a passionate hustle.

If you would like to start a passionate hustle, I prepared a course that will take you from A to Z on how to go from idea to income within four weeks. Here’s the link.