There are a lot of reasons why somebody will not attend the Think Beyond Conference. Based on my experience from clients, here are a few reasons why somebody will not attend the conference and unfortunately will not attend any conference in the future. Let’s get down to the truth.

  1. Too busy. Somebody told me that they are too busy to think about life. Today we need to be always on, always plugged in, always on the go and there is always something to do.

The Truth: It’s an excuse. Nobody is busy, we just have different priorities.

  1. Everyone thinks he or she is too busy. That’s different from the first point. Too busy to improve and become the best version of yourself?

The Truth: You are on your own journey. I hope one day you will understand it.

  1. Scheduled at a bad time. You might have a funeral that day.

The Truth: Don’t take your dreams to the grave with you.

  1. You have a wedding.

The Truth: Two people with the same wedding on the same day; Maria asked me if she can live at 4 and Sara created a perfect excuse. Maria booked.

  1. You are happy, fulfilled with your work, you are living a purposeful life and you have an amazing relationship.

The Truth: I’m very, very happy for you. Spread your message and inspire others.

  1. You don’t want to grow or learn.

The Truth: You are dying inside.

  1. You are not ready to change.

The Truth: You will never be ready.

  1. You don’t like the brand.

The Truth: It’s okay, I still love you.

  1. You don’t have the money.

The Truth: Excuse. Money is never the problem; small thinking mentality is.

  1. You prefer to spend €150 on shoes / night clubs / coffee shops etc.

The Truth: You want to feel good on the outside and not look at the inside. That’s short term ‘happiness’ that never ends because brands make millions off our weaknesses.

  1. You prefer to sleep all day in bed.

The Truth: Nobody can help you, except yourself.

  1. You don’t need to network.

The Truth: Every single person on planet Earth needs to network and meet open minded individuals.

  1. You just don’t want to push yourself.

The Truth: It’s sad, slowly but surely you will feel more pain.

  1. You consider attending a conference is a sign of weakness.

The Truth: It’s the opposite. People who attend are the strongest people because they never give up on learning and expanding their knowledge.

  1. You prefer to update your App Store.

The Truth: Our brain needs updating every day. Some days it needs to restore.

  1. You have a better excuse.

Look, you can have the perfect excuse but your excuse will not give you the lifestyle you desire. Your excuses will not help you achieve your goals, your excuses will not help you achieve greatness. Excuses don’t help us get new jobs, increase our revenue, build an amazing life. They don’t.

Look we can go on and on about excuses. What I can promise you is that it will be an amazing experience at Hilton Park Nicosia on Saturday the 14th of October. We will have fun, we will learn, share stories, eat, drink and meet each other.

Our Early Bird tickets will sell out, I’m confident about that. We still have tickets right now but once they are sold, they are gone. It’s either you or somebody else who will say “fuck it I’m going beyond, enough with excuses”. Today I’m grateful to all the amazing people that already booked. Catharine, Chara, Nicole, Elena, Giannis, Christina, Suzana, Anna Maria, Tania, Martins, Maria, Michalis, Nicole and so many others that I’m excited to meet in person. Everybody who booked already has one pattern that all successful people have in common; a mentality to learn, to share and to go beyond.