This summer at the agency we had two clients who were complete opposites; one that created excuses and one that was committed to their success. These two clients had outdated websites and they both asked us what they could improve in their marketing so they could go to the next level (increase brand equity & sales), so we suggested that they needed to create a new and fresh website. One client decided not to continue with us and the other client decided to build a new website. Today, the client that left is seeing a decrease in brand awareness and sales, and the client that decided to make a new website increased his brand awareness and sales by 300%.

One client made excuses about why it’s not a good idea to invest in his own brand and the other decided to find a way. Basically, he decided not to invest in himself. Listening to different people who don’t want to come to the Think Beyond Conference made me realize how we make excuses and how it’s holding us back. The latest example; there are attendees travelling from abroad (UK & Greece) to come and visit the conference and there was one person who told me that Nicosia is too far away from Limassol (it’s a 1-hour drive). If I could, I would give complimentary tickets to the guys that are travelling from abroad just because they have inspired me on what commitment to greatness means.

I believe that people who are able to make life changes have clarity, commitment and a whatever it takes mentality. Those three ingredients can make all the difference between a miserable life and a brilliant life.

People who have already booked their ticket are people who are truly committed to themselves, they are the people that I admire because they (like myself) want to go beyond their own expectations.

Why do millions of unhappy and unfulfilled people not create a life that they deserve?

That was me; because I was creating excuses. I loved excuses and I didn’t want to face the truth. Those people make millions and millions of excuses consciously and subconsciously. They believe that they are not worthy of creating an amazing life and living life on their own terms.

Here are the most dangerous excuses people make:

  1. I Don’t Have Money

This is how some people respond when they decide not to learn something or get outside help (conference, books, coaching). It basically acts as a metaphor for how they deal with all their problems and their lives. There are people that ask for help with how to get a job, how to start something that they absolutely love, how not to care about what others think, and then claim that they don’t have the money to spend on outside help even though deep down they know that is what they need. Some people will get all upset and angry and will stop reading now, but the reality is this; if you believe that there’s no way for you to generate even €150 — if you can’t think of any way to help somebody else that would generate more income for you, then you’re stuck in the biggest excuse of all; money is the problem and the root of scarcity in your life.

It’s bullshit. What’s missing is your understanding of your greatness and your capabilities. There is no shortage of talents, there is no shortage of money in Cyprus or on planet Earth. No matter who you are and what your life experiences have been. You have something important to offer that others need and will pay you well for it.

If money is keeping you back from achieving your goals, from attending a conference, from getting a coach, making a career change or starting to do something that you truly love then you have to understand that the more you inspire yourself to take control the sooner everything will change. Don’t play the victim game like I did.

Here are a few books that helped me understand a lot about money; The first book I ever read on money; Rich Dad Poor Dad; What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not by Robert T. Kiyosaki. The 10X Rule The Only Difference Between Success and Failure by Grant Cardone.

  1. Fear of Failure

What if this happens, what if my parents think… It’s happening daily to every single one of us. What if this change will not work out? Of course you can fail, but if it does, you will learn to deal with it, you will become stronger, more confident and more capable than before.

I failed a hundred times and I want to fail one hundred more to learn and to achieve my goals ‘faster’. The only way to overcome fear of failure is to actually do the things we need.

I always think “what will happen if I don’t try?” Regret will happen.

2. Not Ready for Change

If you consciously admit that you are not ready for a change then that’s fine, at least you admit it consciously, don’t complain and know that you make your own bed at night.

Millions of people tell themselves “I’m just not ready to make a change” — The truth; nobody is ever ready to make a change. Our brain resists change because it tries to protect us, that’s how we are wired. We make changes only when we truly want to make a change and will push ourselves to overcome it, and when we are in so much pain that we don’t want to suffer any more. Thinking about it, some people will still not make a hard change but instead go and buy new things (cars, clothes etc). This brings happiness for 1 day or a 1 month but it doesn’t bring true purpose in life.

3. Family & Friends Need You

Your family and some friends want you to be happy and fulfilled. Your family needs (not wants) you to do ONE thing and only one thing — to be happy and to be yourself. Our parents didn’t give us a life just to pay our loans, rent and bills. Of course we have financial obligations that must be fulfilled BUT while we do that we can plant the seeds for our future self, for the self that wants to grow, become better and go beyond our own expectations. Families demand a lot, but that doesn’t mean that you have to give up on YOURSELF as a contributor and fulfilled individual.

4. This Is Me — I Can’t Change

I genuinely hate this excuse; look, if I can change anybody can change. I believe that every single person on this planet has something to offer. Society just told us that we can’t.

Anything we think and feel can be changed, we are NOT our thoughts. You must become aware of your thoughts and emotions before you can be free and live authentically. If you are unhappy and dissatisfied it’s just a version of you; not the whole you.

5. I Don’t Have Time

Sit down and write all the things you do in a typical day, you’ll realize you have enough time. We all have the same amount of time, we just have different priorities. If you don’t have time for yourself now, when will you have time? If you have time to go to another wedding for somebody else on a Saturday when will you say it’s enough and understand that it’s your life and not live a life where you don’t put yourself first? The time is now. Monitor a day of your life and see how many hours you spend on things that don’t matter and replace that with the things that will get you closer to your goals.

7. Next Time I Will

That’s a big fat lie that you tell yourself. Let’s face it, next time is just an excuse not to do the things that you know that you want to do. When the next time comes you will say it again, next time, then next time, then 10 years later you will either get sick of telling yourself next time and make a decision to change or you will continue to deceive yourself. You know when it’s next time? It’s now. Now is the time to go to that conference, now is that time to read that book, now is the time to speak to that guy or girl, now is the time.

If you genuinely have the time do something now, then use the opportunity and go after it. You will feel more energized and motivated. You will never be ready, that’s why the time is now.

We’ll take our excuses to the grave with us. If you haven’t booked your tickets for the Think Beyond Conference, I highly recommend you do it now. The investment is €150 for a full day experience at Hilton Park Nicosia with six amazing speakers and extraordinary people. Book online.