There are a lot of conferences all year around in Cyprus. Over the years that I have attended different conferences I have noticed a similar pattern that the majority of them had; ego-boosting. Let me elaborate – a lot of conferences have ego-boosting agendas, one speaker comes on stage and starts speaking about how he made millions and how he or she is succeeding and we are not. The key is to follow in the speaker’s footsteps and do exactly what they tell us to do. The conversation is usually around their lavish lifestyle and how great they are.

The reason we are holding the Think Beyond Conference is because we want to inspire people and share very important messages about success, authenticity, career, fear, change and passion. We will share authentic stories from ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  You don’t need another iPhone or another car to be happy and to be successful, you are already great and you are already successful.

The media, our friends and close family members tell us what society has told them – that we need to be a certain way to be liked and to be successful, which is, of course, a big fat lie. We are all wired and sold certain stories about how we should be and how life is. In this conference we will overcome this and share the mind blowing experiences that woke us up to live a purposeful life. Here are ten reasons why you don’t want to miss Think Beyond Conference on 14th of October;

  1. Make a change

We can all agree that change is hard . Our brains are wired in such a way that pulls us to stay where we are for safety reasons. Nothing happens when we are in our comfort zone, absolutely nothing. The best things in life happen when we move out of our comfort zone and start doing things we are scared of, that’s when magic happens. In this conference we will share with you the tools that you can use instantly to make a change in your life; it can be leaving your shitty job that you hate so much to start doing something that you love. It can be leaving your broken relationship, it can be starting your own business, it can be moving to another country, it can be finally being able to say NO to certain things that you don’t like. Whatever you want to achieve in your life, I promise you that you will have the tools to overcome your fear and make the change you desire.

  1. Live life on your own terms

Way too many times we live life on somebody’s else terms; it can be our parents, our friends, our mentors and, worst of all is on society terms. Living life on somebody else’s terms is a very dark place because I lived my life on somebody’ else’s terms for way too long. Once we get out of that place and make a conscious decision that we will live our life on our own terms everything around us changes. We look at things in a different way, we look at life in a different way. We become truly happy from within. We will share with you the insights and strategies of how we overcome this and how you can make a change and live your life on your own terms.

  1. Find your purpose

Every day we make a subconscious and conscious decision about our life; to continue living the way we do or to make a change because we are mentally and physically tired. Sometimes we don’t know what we want and we feel lost, like I was for a very long time in my life. But when we have an opportunity to learn, we should always say yes to new experiences because we never know where it might lead us. When we are in tune with our values and with what we actually want, we wake up every day feeling that we are on a mission, we are excited to wake up and face the day no matter what comes our way. If you feel that your life or work doesn’t have a purpose, at  this conference you will be able to learn things about yourself and come closer to your purpose.

  1. Meet people who look for the truth

The truth is that there are different types of people; some people love living a fake life and don’t want the truth and some people ask questions and want the truth. People who want to live a truthful life will attend this conference. People who want to go beyond will attend this conference. People who want fakeness will not attend – not because they are bad people but because they are just at a stage in their life where it doesn’t hurt them enough. I came to understand that we are all at a different stage in life. You will have the opportunity to meet people like you and me that seek the truth, that want to live a purposeful life. You will be able to connect and make new friends that are open minded and want to become the best version of themselves.

  1. Motivation is bullshit

We can be motivated for a day, for a month but at some point we are tired of being motivated. We have to work, pay our bills, raise children, grow our business and other responsibilities we might have. Motivation will not help us pay our bills. We need action steps and actual knowledge and insights about how we can make a change. The contradiction of this point is that we need to be inspired to take action but we will not take action if we don’t know what we need to do. You will learn strategies to help you take actions on things you want to achieve; start your own business, ask for a raise, have that hard and truthful conversation with your partner. We need to have practical things that we can use instantly and this is our strong promise to you; on 14th of October at 18:00 you will have the knowledge and the skills to make instant change. All you need to do is keep an open mind, listen and attend the Think Beyond Conference on the 14th of October.

  1. You have greatness within you

One last and extra point on why you don’t want to miss this conference; you have greatness within you. You just have been told that you don’t and that you need another pair of shoes to be happy, that you need a new car to be happy and of course you need a bigger house to be happy. We all define success and happiness in a different way. Our speakers, Alexander Novicov, Will Polston and Andy Louca all have amazing stories that they will share with you that will show you and prove to you that you are fucking amazing and all you need to do is to find out what success and happiness is for you and go out there and execute it. It’s not easy but it’s rewarding. Living a life on your own terms and doing shit you love because that’s you and you are capable of anything you wish for.

There you have it. 5+1 reasons you don’t want to miss Think Beyond Conference on Saturday the 14th of October at Hilton Park Nicosia. The best thing I ever did in my life was that I invested in myself, and the best thing you can do for yourself is to invest in yourself first because you deserve it. Once you understand how great you are and that you are your first priority you will invest in you. You can buy your early bird tickets for €150 on our website or you can call 22 101 935 to book your tickets. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to drop me an email. See you there.