What can I tell you about this experience? I’m absolutely overwhelmed with emotions currently. This was one of the best life experiences, without exaggeration!

This was my second Tandem Jump in my life, the first one was in July 2017 in Cyprus. You can read about it here.

This jump was so much better on so many levels, the quality of the jump, the location, the professionalism and most importantly I wasn’t as ‘scared’ as my first jump.

Jump into your fears

The first time I did the jump I didn’t let go of my hands of the jacket, (the instructor notifies you when you can change the position of your hands) if you watch the video you will see that I had my hands at all times close to the chest (I was scared and didn’t want to let go). On this jump I opened my arms, I moved, I was so much more comfortable and enjoyed this majestic experience.

The view was obviously spectacular as you can see, I enjoyed the moment more deeply and writing about it now I can feel it more vividly in my bones. I believe it’s because I learned to be more present after two years and a bit wiser.

Breathtaking Views

Was I scared? Yes, of course, I was, but last time I ‘tricked’ my brain and instead of saying that I was scared I was saying that ‘I’m excited‘. The feeling of being scared and being excited it’s exactly the same, the only difference is what story we tell ourselves. So as you can imagine, while waiting there, while going on a plane, I was constantly telling myself; ‘I’M EXCITED!!!’. Guess what happened when I jumped? My brain said this guy is excited so I felt amazing!

The instructor was a wonderful Dutch woman and to my surprise, she is vegan as well! Unfortunately, I forgot her name! So sorry 🙁

If you are sitting at home thinking that you can never do it, you are lying to yourself, you can do it not because I did it but because you simply can. For a guy that is scared of heights doing this was very uncomfortable and it’s way outside my comfort zone, but we all know that nothing happens in our comfort zone!

The biggest lesson for me is the following: in the past two years, I watched my first jump couple of times, well okay multiple times, not because I’m a narcissist but because I want to remind myself when I doubt myself what I’m capable of doing. So whenever doubt, and the little voice in my head starts telling me I can’t do something or that I’m a failure when I fail at something (which I do a lot) I look at my achievements. I look at the video to remind myself that I can push myself out of my comfort zone. I remind myself of other small and big achievements like quitting smoking two years ago as well.

Facing My Fears

The video helps a lot because it’s always available for you to watch at any time of the day. And the truth is whenever I watched it I smiled, I laughed, I moved from my chair and went for a run or went and did that thing that I’m scared of. So it goes way beyond just a jump.

Alex’s Brain: Err…maybe we should go on the next one?

The last but not least is gratitude, when you are up there, jumping off the plane and once the parachute opens you experience a huge amount of gratitude. You have around five minutes to look at the magical city, at your life in a glimpse. You are reminded that nothing in life is forever, you are reminded that we need to live with passion because passion drives everything.

You can watch the video here:

Me & My New Vegan Friend (amazing instructor by the way, very strick)

I highly recommend you do a Skydive Tandem Jump in Dubai, it’s an absolutely amazing experience.

The key is to ask ourselves, what are we going to do to push ourselves outside our comfort zone? How are we going to push ourselves to new levels?

Let me know in the comments below what’s your biggest fear.