Everybody has something to sell, we all do. There is a different mindset in approaching selling a product or service. In this video blog I talk about why it’s important to give and then ask. It’s about #GiveOrDie.

If you live in London you see around 100 adverts per day; radio, on busses, trains, TV, social media and online banners. The problem with this 100 adverts that 90% of adverts they are asking us to buy. Buy this, buy my product, we are the best, join here etc.

I believe that we need to be giving more to people online and offline. We need to add value to people’s lives via┬ásocial media, send valuable tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram pictures, Pinterest and send inspiring email marketing campaigns.

Who would you rather buy from: a company that writes and does videos about a topic that you love or a company that doesn’t show that they care about their clients. We can say all day long that we care and love our clients but if we don’t show it people will not believe.


I started talking about this subject in 2013, from 2013 I see that a lot of things changed. A lot of companies grew and a lot of companies unfortunately closed their doors. It’s a shame to see any company shut their door one of the reasons that a company closes is because the cash run out. Now you can argue that there are a lot of reasons why a company might shut down, but my argument is that we need to put people before profit.

When we genuinely care about our clients and potential clients we need to put human beings in front of everything. The whole mindset of #GiveOrDie is that we need to GIVE before we run our of business. If we want to thrive we NEED to be giving more and more quality content to our community online.

You can watch my video here:

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