Today I want to remind you that you are a great person. Everyday the world tells us that we can’t do something because we are too tall, too short, skinny and other things that suggest we are not good enough. You can do whatever you want, you can do what you want to do in this world as long as you put in the hours and #HustleLikeNeverBefore. Trust me, you have unique traits that only you have and a unique talent that only you have.

I even want to prove to you that you have super powers. Take a piece of paper and write down 5 impressive traits about yourself, or even better shout them out if you are alone in your office or home. You can pause reading for 5 minutes and just write them down on a piece of paper. Sometimes when I feel emotionally drained I always remind myself about my traits and within 5 minutes I’m back on track. Even listening to inspiring music like The Script – Hall Of Fame, Tinie Tempah – Written In The Stars, SuperHeroes, and to Eminem – Not Afraid helps us and reminds us that we are all great human beings. We all have great characteristics, and we all have super powers.


Nobody tells Batman & Superman that they are doing too much, nobody. These two characters are passionate about their cause, they are passionate about people, they don’t care if it’s the weekend or a public holiday, they are always there for people. I never heard anybody in the cinema saying ”These guys work too much, they need to rest”. They go big and they never give up. You can do so much more, you can push yourself just a little bit more and go beyond expectations. Everybody can push themselves just a bit more. I read an article on Business Insider a couple of months ago that explained how marines are trained. What was fascinating is that they always were pushing them to do 10x more of the things that they initially thought they would be able to do. The article was written by an ex-marine that was explaining that we can do so much more only if we push ourselves because we are capable of it. That’s how you grow your muscles in the gym, everyday you push a bit more, the next day the exercise that you did yesterday will not be hard because you pushed yourself.


Listen, you don’t need anybody to tell you how great you are, you have yourself and you need to remind yourself every single day that you are a bloody amazing human being. Remind yourself every single day that you are a great person. Every morning when you wake up look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself  ‘I’m A Great Person.’ Once you remind yourself of that go out there and use your super powers. It’s not only Batman & Superman that have super powers, we are all capable of so much more. We send people to the moon, invented cars, transportation, airplanes, science, the internet and other amazing inventions. I know that there might be rainy days. We all have our stories and we all go through different situations which are hard to deal with, but please always remind yourself that everything is going to be alright because you are willing to view things in a different perspective and do whatever it takes to achieve your end goal. The grass is not always greener on the other side.

Be great.