There are times in your life when you think that you know things. You think that – yeah I’ve read that book, watched that video and I’ve been through these things too. There are times that you say to yourself ‘next time I will do this’. The truth is that when we say that we know and we don’t need certain information, it’s a sign that we actually need it the most, right now.

I received an email from Grant Cardone saying he would be in the UK. So I said to myself, ‘I know his material, I don’t need to listen to it again. I can listen to/read his book again any time… ‘Then other things popped in my head, like is he going to speak all day or just for an hour or two. Oh my days, it costs real money. I have to pay to go there. I need that money!

But, within one hour I’d booked the ticket and I attended the 10X Bootcamp at the O2 in London, on Friday and Saturday.

Wow! What can I say? I was blown away.

For those of you who don’t know who the guy is, Grant Cardone is a US speaker and entrepreneur who I was first introduced to in December 2013 when I read his books ‘The 10X Rule’ and ‘If You’re Not First, You’re Last’. I loved the whole concept. It moved me in the right direction and a lot of things that I know in sales and marketing are because of his books and trainings.

I’m truly grateful that I discovered him at that time of my life. The only problem is that I don’t apply everything I learned from him in my daily life.

We can KNOW things, but knowledge without action is worthless. I guess we all know that, really.

I remember vividly reading all his books over Christmas when I was living near Finsbury Park in London. I truly believe that there are different times in life when we are ready to receive certain messages. If the right message is delivered at the right time of our life, spectacular things can happen.

This weekend, the 10X Bootcamp was exactly what I needed. I didn’t really expect it to be that great and it wasn’t just about Grant either, but the other people in the room too. It went well beyond just attending an event. Real life happens in the real world, not behind a screen.

May I share five lessons with you that I learned from this weekend and hopefully you’ll be inspired, just as I was: –

  1. The biggest problem we have is that we make sense of where we are right now.

Making sense of where we are in life makes us feel good and it’s a way to continue living that way. Once we stop and really think about it we will understand that it’s a completely different paradigm in thinking.

Making sense of what we do and what we don’t do. Sometimes if somebody contradicts our beliefs or doesn’t agree with what we say, we impulsively react rather than sit and think about it.

I’m making sense of where I’m currently at in life and it’s bloody ridiculous. I shouldn’t be making sense of where I am because by doing that I will not move forward. It made me realise that again I’m creating all these bs stories and making myself feel good. I even told myself a story that I’ve attended way more events this year than I did last year! How ridiculous is that?

I went to Lisbon for the ‘Infinite Man Summit’. I went to ‘The Truth Within’ and I attended the ‘10X UK Tour’. You see how dangerous this is? It’s a disease, a disease mentality, a scarcity mentality.

I don’t want to make sense of where I am anymore. I’m actually really disgusted with myself right now for even thinking that way.

I justify where I am right now and not doing certain things that I should be doing. I justify not investing in certain areas of my life. It’s really is a victim mentality. Get away from that. We can’t save our way to success.

  1. Thinking About Pennies 

I thought that I was over thinking small and that my thinking was much bigger now. What a circus. I will tell you why; I usually don’t look at prices a lot – if something is £200 or £300, I don’t mind as long as I get what I like/want/need.  I realised that I might not be looking for special offers and coupons or try to save ten quid, but I still have a scarcity mentality because I wasn’t in the front row at the event.

I booked the second cheapest ticket. Now, let me elaborate on this example. There were five ticket options:

  1. A) £97 B) £147 C) £297 D) £997 E) £1,997.

Look how small my thinking is, I paid £147 rather than £1,997. Different prices here obviously achieved different results. I won’t go through them all BUT the Platinum Ticket (£1,997) had the following benefits: private access to backstage networking, recorded access to on demand video recording, private event on Friday night, Private Exclusive Master Mind with Grant Cardone (extra day) and Private lunch and Q&A with Grant Cardone at the Master Mind Event on Sunday and, obviously, front row seating.

It’s not about the front row seating, it’s not about having the tag with Platinum Ticket and it’s not even about meeting and speaking with Grant Cardone. It’s about the mentality of being ABLE to do that. It’s about the mentality of saying to yourself let me sit in the front because I can and let me surround myself with winners.

This is just a small example but it totally comes down to mentality of scarcity. I might say I don’t have the money; but it’s a lousy excuse and it means that I have the wrong information. It means that I’m full of excuses and I’m doing…nothing. Alex – go figure out how you can be sitting on the front row.

So I’ve made a promise to myself; next year I’m sitting in the front row. No excuses. I want to be in the right room and at the right table.

Jarrod Glandt VP of Sales at Grant Cardone

  1. It’s not just about being in a room; it’s about being in the right room at the right table.

We all say that we need to be in the right room and that there is timing for everything. I don’t believe that you just need to be in the right room anymore; I believe we all need to be in the right room and at the right table.

I can be in the same room with people who are going beyond, who are pushing themselves but I might be sitting next to ‘losers’. I don’t mean it in bad way that somebody is a loser because he is seating next to me in the back row, but in a good way. I have the empathy to understand that the other person might be working on different aspect of his/her life. We never know what’s happening for the other person.

There were so many people there who had travelled from abroad, Germany, France, Netherlands, Greece and so many other countries across Europe. So I can imagine they certainly had other expenses as well.  That person next to me might have come to the event because he’d been fired a day before and had invested his last penny in the event.

I spoke to couple of people at the event who were Platinum ticket holders. What I learned is that they had a totally different mentality from other people that I met. I met Rachelle. A great person who runs a fitness franchise with her husband. She asked me at the end if I had taken on Grants offer (10X Conference and Cardone University). I said ‘no’. She looked at me in such a way that I knew she was a bit disappointed. She was totally right. I should have.

When I tell a mate of mine that I thought of getting that offer and didn’t get it, he would say well that’s okay.

Do you see the difference?

It’s not okay.

The lesson that I learned is that I need to level up and to look for people who will not accept my BS story, but ‘hit me’ with a wakeup call. These are the type of people I want in my life, because otherwise I’m going to stay the same and ultimately end up going backwards.

  1. Everybody is on a different journey

I was lucky enough to hear many different people in the audience there. There was one guy with £600 to his name who’d bought a product from Grant with his last penny. Another guy was making £250,000 per year in profits and it didn’t excite him anymore because he is ‘okay’ financially. Then another person who had taken his business from £400,000 per year to I think to around £8million.

We are all on different journeys and we need to understand that the best thing we can do is look in the mirror and focus on our own journey. Ask hard questions; why are we here? what have we learned?, what is the next step? We shouldn’t look at what others do, only at what we do. What are we going to do today to improve our situation?

Once we truly answer these questions a lot of things will change. I’ll tell you what I’m going to do tomorrow – buy one large mirror for myself.

Mark Wright – Apprentice Winner

  1. Quit the bullshit

We hear and we say so much bullshit it’s ridiculous. If we truly want to succeed in whatever we are doing, we need to quit the bullshit habit. We need to truly understand that we are lying to ourselves.

I thought that I was 1X this month, but the truth is I have been minus 10X not 1X, so I need to quit the BS and start being real; go from minus 10 to 10X today, not tomorrow. Today. I repeat today.

When we listen to some of the questions that others have it makes us think twice. We all view ourselves in a different way because we have a story that we tell ourselves. Once we forget that story, things will start to change. When a stranger tells their story we are not emotionally connected to that story and it’s easier for us to spot the bullshit. We have to quit the bullshit to move forward. If we want to make more money, to grow, to give more, we need to quit the bullshit and increase our activity and our focus.

There you have it. It’s hard to explain everything in an article but these are my take away points and I need to come back to them regularly and make sure I’m on track. I believe that after any event that we attend we need to create an action plan. If we don’t create an action plan in at least one area we will forget things and we will go back to our old rituals. So my plan now is to intergrade my new rituals into my daily activity. I already have 1 hour every morning on this, but I need to step up because I have a lot to achieve.

I need to give more positive energy to the universe, communicate with more strangers. All these ideas need to come into reality and today my goal is to work on the plan. Once I have a plan in my calendar I’m executing it every day. I’ve been so inspired these last three days that I’ve struggled to close my eyes. I’m excited because I know tomorrow I’m going to be in a different place because I took small actions today.

Let’s go people and 10X everything in our lives!

Alexander Novicov – Amazing Human Being.