The majority of people say that they don’t care what others think; but that’s the biggest lie I ever heard. Of course you care what other people think of you, that’s why you dress the way you do, that’s why you share that quote on Facebook, that’s why you are trying to be polite to a stranger, that’s why you can’t tell the truth if you are not interested in an event and create different excuses.

Promoting the Think Beyond Conference was an amazing journey, I learned a lot about people. The majority of people who were initially ‘interested’ couldn’t tell me the truth that they were not interested. They created tons of excuses about why they couldn’t attend. Why tell me an excuse about why you “can’t” attend? Just say that you don’t want to grow. Who am I to tell you what to do in your life? Nobody. At the end of the day if somebody doesn’t want to change, they will never change and nobody can really help them. It’s a shame that people create so many BS excuses about their life, not just a conference or a workshop, their life. That’s why the majority of people don’t achieve what they really want to achieve. The create an excuse to feel good about themselves. We all know that’s a lie.

Someday I will attend, someday I will read that book. Someday is not a day in a calendar. It’s just an excuse not doing the things that you know you should be doing to grow.

What surprised me more is how many people can’t tell the truth; I don’t want to attend, I don’t find it interesting, I don’t like you, you are an idiot, I don’t want change, I’m lazy or something. The majority of people try to be politically correct and say something nice to look good. To be liked by a stranger.

This is what is holding you back, it’s not a conference or an event, it’s not your country, it’s not your pen, it’s not your phone, it’s you. Once you understand that what others think of you don’t matter, everything will change in your life. I used to care what others think and it didn’t take me far, until I did the social freedom exercise. Once I stopped caring what others think of me I started making decisions that made a huge impact in my life. In order for you to do that you need to face the truth and tell yourself the raw truth first. It can be that you don’t want to grow, you don’t want to go beyond, you don’t want to get a job, you don’t want to increase your income, it can be hundreds of things that you tell yourself.

Please, I want you to understand the following statement: Somebody else reality is not your truth. What others think of you is not who you are. We, as human beings, perceive others based on our own experiences. People will judge us anyway, you might be sleeping all day or you might go after your goals and dreams; people will judge you whatever you do. Why not do what you want to do the most? Why not pursue your passion, your skill, your gift?

Our time is limited on this planet, why waste this precious gift called life on what others think of us? There is no reason why we should waste it. Society programmed us to care what others think because it’s profitable, very profitable. Look at people who go after their passion. They live a purposeful and fulfilling life. They do what they want to do and don’t ask for permission.

Start telling the truth to yourself and then others. Imagine a world where we all said the truth and what we really feel. We would have a much better community to live in. Just tell the fucking truth if you don’t want to do something. You will do yourself a huge favor and start doing things that really matter to you; not your parents, your friends or strangers. Just tell the truth that growth is not your priority. just the truth that you have other priorities.

Living a life that is true to you is the most fulfilling life, living a life based on others is the saddest life. Stop caring what others think and go beyond your own expectations.