I woke up this morning and took Chanel for walk, and while walking I looked at three Instagram stories in a row, and saw people having an ‘amazing’ time in nightclubs. I checked my messages from yesterday and read one from a potential attendee to the conference. He replied to me saying we will see if he will attend the conference. The same person told me that he is going abroad in less than a month. A morning thought came to my mind; life is all about choices we make. We are where we are today because of our choices.

I don’t mind if a person doesn’t book because they don’t trust the brand or they don’t find it interesting, it’s absolutely fine because I understand some people can’t relate to certain people or they just don’t like it. Which is absolutely fine.

What breaks my heart is seeing people slowly dying inside, that’s what breaks my heart. We either grow or we die. There is no other choice. The tree is either growing or dying, marriages and relationships are growing or dying, the grass grows or dies, a business grows or dies and human beings grow or die…

Some people plan parties and holidays ahead yet they don’t plan their life. If we don’t have a destination where we want to be in life, then we are just driving around without a purpose and at some point we will drive to our funeral with regret and pain. It’s inevitably going to happen.

This morning is an opportunity; it’s a new day. We will decide consciously or unconsciously if we will make it miserable or amazing. You see life is all about looking for opportunities, sometimes the opportunity is in front of us but we wear sunglasses and we can’t see the opportunity. Like the Think Beyond Conference; it’s an opportunity for a limited amount of people, some already took the opportunity, some will take it and some will leave it.

The difference between people who go beyond and people who die (stay where they are) is that people that go beyond take opportunities, take risks and those are the people who live a purposeful and meaningful life. They don’t blame others for what happens in their life.

Blaming other people will not help, it’s just excuses. There are seven excuses that will take our dreams and hopes to the grave with us, you can read it here. Blaming others is just ignorance, nobody is in charge of your life, except yourself.

Another girl told me that if she hasn’t something better to do on Saturday she will come… How sad is this? I told her that it’s best for her not to come because she will be disappointed. If you are going to go to a conference and invest €150 in yourself because you have nothing else to do, then just stay home. It means that you don’t want change, you don’t want to become a better human being.

Have hopes, ambitions and dreams because this is what is keeping us all going and ecstatic about life. That’s how we are wired. Live a fulfilling life, search for your passion, search for your calling because I know that you have a talent and passion that the world needs.

I think we all have a responsibility to leave this world in a better place, to give back to people that went to war, who fought and bled for us to be here in this amazing country, in this amazing world.

My biggest fear is that when I’m on my deathbed I want to be able to tell myself that I didn’t live a meaningless life; eat, sleep, shit, work and repeat. I want to give back to my family and I want to give back to human beings, to give something valuable to the next generation.

Please, don’t die inside. Start looking at yourself in the mirror and the most important thing is to start looking behind the mirror; your truth which is not seen. Do you remember when you were a child, you had dreams, you had hopes, you were grateful for a small cone of ice cream. Later, life happened; family, society, advertising and friends told you that you can’t do everything you want to do. I’m here to tell you that you can do anything you want as long as you tell the truth to yourself.

Please, don’t give up on growth and on hope. There are hundreds of great people out there that you can speak to, there are hundreds of amazing authors, speakers that have ideas and information that you might be looking for. Read books; you can listen to books now while you drive, you can listen to books while you go to the gym, you can listen to podcasts, you can watch a video, you can attend a conference, workshops. You just read this article. Just think for a moment how lucky we are to have everything we want under our fingertips.

So far at 09:11 am 63,340 people died in the world based on worldometers.info and 148,345 human beings were born. By the time you read this article the numbers will increase. Life can be fucking amazing or bloody miserable. You decide, today.