I had a thought today about judging other people, about me judging other people actually. We all do it, it’s wired in our brains. We as human beings tend to judge people based on their profile pics, bios, cars, clothes and books they read. I’m trying to stop judging people because I know that behind every smile there is a story that I don’t know. Even here at the agency I always try to be empathetic to really understand what is the motivation of the other person and why did they act a certain way. We all have our own things going on.  I receive some messages on Instagram people telling me why do I do that and why do I do this, some people are so worried why I work 100 hours per week yet they don’t know the story. The bottom line we don’t know the other person, we might say something or write something but mean it in a different way. Why paint a picture of the other person without knowing the whole story. Let’s all try to be more empathetic and understand human beings, because end of the day we are all humans and we all have our own ambitions and desires. What makes me happy might not make you happy and vise-versa.

Developing empathy and understanding the other person is a huge key to success I believe. When we have empathy and zero expectations life gets easier. We can judge the other person but that will not improve us. Let’s work on ourselves and become better every day. If we want to give our opinion we can but we should know the whole story and people sometimes don’t tell the whole story because they might not trust us yet. That’s why we need to create trust first so the other person feels safe to share his story with us. In a world where everybody is so good at spotting our weaknesses and bringing us down let’s do the opposite and inspire people and be empathetic.