For the past 8 months my phone is always on silent and all my push notifications are switched off, I talked about it on one of my previous vlogs on YouTube. Recently Instagram is always asking me to turn on my notifications to stay up to date with all my likes and comments. I tapped the X button 100 hundred times so far and yet every time they keep asking me to turn them on.

Instagram, I like you as a platform but I want to be focused on my life and not get distracted. All the comments and likes are great, truly grateful for that BUT I want to manage my time by opening the app on my time not when somebody demands my attention. It’s nothing personal Instagram, I have all my notifications switched off on other platforms as well; Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and even messaging apps so I still like you. Don’t you think that our focus on work matters? Don’t you think that our productivity can be dramatically increased if our notifications are switched off? I think so.