Change is hard for so many of us. It’s hard for me to make certain changes and what I understood that in order to make a change we need courage and we need to remove the fear of being judged. I thought that I was fearless and I didn’t care what other people would say but the truth is that I’m scared of what other people would say about me. I realised that I can’t live a fake life that I created for myself. I want to move out of my comfort zone and live an authentic life. When I read different books, attend to conferences I started to understand that I become more and more self aware and I need to make a change. I really need to to push myself out of the comfort zone and do the things I really want to do.

Growth is chosen, change is forced. If we don’t choose to grow, we will be forced to change or we will be forced to live in a lie and suffer. I don’t want that anymore, I don’t want to ‘suffer’ anymore because I know that when I grow older the worst feeling I can have is regret. I want to live and proudly say that I didn’t live a life driven by my old mentality or what society and parents told me to do. In order to make a change in our lives we have to make a mental shift and do whatever it takes to make that change. I tried to make changes before but I didn’t understand why I want to make that change, why do I need to change. Once I truly understood why I want to change then I started taking actions towards the changes that I want in my life. I realised that I lied to myself so many times that I was living a lie basically, I lied to myself to make myself feel better, I lied because I was scared of what other people would say about me and the most important thing that I lied to myself and told myself is that I’m the CEO of a company and I need to behave a certain way and I have to act a certain way in order to get a client or to keep a client. Recently it just clicked I don’t need to act a certain way because I’m the CEO of a company, I don’t need to lie to myself about certain things. What I need to do is be authentic to myself and live a real life. I came to a point where I realised I just need to be myself not somebody else. I don’t need to live somebody’s else dreams and goals, I have my own. Some people will like me and some people will hate me and it’s absolutely fine. What matters is that I live with integrity and living with integrity means I have to develop the courage to make the change.

The steps we can make to make a change is first make a decision that we really want to change, if we don’t really want to change it’s fine, we are all on our own personal journeys. The time will come when we will say yeah it’s time to leave the ‘pitty-party’ and make changes. Once we make that shift we have to find different things that scare us and do them, it’s very easy to say move out of our comfort zone but it’s very hard in the beginning. The reward after we leave our comfort zone is priceless; you have that feeling of freedom, the feeling of authenticity and being in touch with the universe. The third thing to do is to research and find books on authenticity and fear, look deep into why we are scared, why we don’t want to make the change, who is holding us back. Maybe it’s our parents, maybe it’s our friends or partners; this is real. I realised that I was trying to prove to my mother that I’m worth it all this years without even realising it. I don’t need to prove to my mum anything I need to prove to myself and accept myself as I’m. To reach that level of understanding we need to look very deep in our thoughts and really challenge our beliefs. I read an amazing book The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fu** which you can read on my blog post here. It really helped me understand that it’s not about not caring because as Alex I care a lot and I’m very emotional but I hided my feelings and never shared anything personal. I got to a degree where I was hiding my feelings that I didn’t know what’s real and it’s a tough place to be. In the last couple of days I’m feeling more and more vulnerable and I can feel the authenticity in my heart and soul. There are days that I drive or sit in my office and tears just drop because I understand more about the lies I told myself.

Everything starts to click and I can finally connect some dots. I can tell you that I’m very excited about today, the process of becoming authentic Alex and being true to myself. It’s a feeling that I can’t really describe but I can see it more clearly. Every person we meet, every article we read, every book we read and every conference we attend brings us closer to our true purpose and seeing the truth in ourselves. For you to be reading this article it means that you want to make a change so I want to congratulate you on searching for answers and having an open mind because that’s the first step towards change.

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