I met Andy Louca (one of the speakers at the conference) for coffee to catch up and talk about the speech. As we were speaking, he told me to write an article on why I decided to do this conference. So, the main reason why I’m doing the conference is to give people an opportunity to become better and go beyond their own expectations.

I was organizing small workshops on content marketing but last year I wanted to do a conference for more people because the majority of participants who came to my workshops told me that more people need to listen and learn this. In September 2016 I met Will Poston and we did an interview on YouTube. After we finished our interview I told him that I was thinking of doing a conference that would help people improve their life. Because It was just an idea I didn’t know how, when and all the other details. I told Will that I  would let him know later that month. I started thinking and planning the conference and at some point I got invited to speak at a conference on content marketing. So I said to Will I would not do my conference because I had to prepare myself for the conference that I was invited to. I had to prepare myself because it was the first time I would speak in front of 350+ people.

Fast forward to May 2017; I traveled to the Infinite Man Summit in Bulgaria with a mate of mine from London. That summit literally changed my life; I understood that I had lived a fake life for the past 30 years, I had lied to myself about a lot of things, I didn’t really accept myself, I couldn’t commit to a serious relationship because I had insecurities, I blamed women for not understanding, I created fake stories to myself and lots of other things. I was living in the past or the future, never in the moment, I used to post quotes on Instagram about not caring what other people think but deep down I cared what other people thought. I learned not to give a fuc* about what others thought of me by doing the social freedom challenge.

I got so excited and sad at the same time because everything started to connect. I cried for days and laughed for days, I experienced a lot of emotions while I started to accept myself. I started telling the truth to myself. A lot of things have happened since then; I jumped out of a plane (skydiving), called my stepfather after 13 years, told the truth to my mum, my friends, my clients and millions of other small things that lead up to huge things.

Then I made a conscious decision that I would look and find ordinary people doing extraordinary things in their life that can share their stories about how they overcome certain things in their life. I started looking and found amazing people like Andy Louca, Will Polston, Jane Tepley, Anto Paroian and Elina Papa.

The reason why I’m doing this is because I want to give people an opportunity to come and listen to authentic stories and hopefully get inspired and take action. I was saying to myself (and others) that I’ was happy but I wasn’t, I had lost my purpose, I had lost my passion, it was a big lie like the Pacific Ocean. I’m doing this because I believe in a better tomorrow, I believe that we all have passion and purpose in life. The problem is that we’ve been sold this concept by society of what happiness is, what success is and once we realize that it’s not what we actually think, everything around us changes.

I wanted to create a conference that people can attend and actually learn something and make a change, an environment where we are all friends and share our concerns, hopes and dreams. An environment where we all can get inspired to push ourselves beyond what we thought was possible.

I can hear some voices saying what about making money… Yeah of course I want to have a sold out event and make money but that’s not my motivation and my priority with this conference. I can make more money with my agency, I can make money selling shoes online, we all can make more money but making money with purpose; that’s priceless. Some participants will email me (hopefully) and say because I shared an idea or a story they changed their life direction or because Jane shared an idea somebody will learn to control their mind, because Andy shared his struggles somebody will  finally accept themselves, because Anto shared an idea on emotional intelligence somebody will ask for a raise; this is priceless.

My purpose is to become the best version of myself to inspire people to go beyond, to live an authentic and passionate life. If we focus on doing what we are good at and what we love money will follow.

I genuinely hope that you will be able to come to the conference because I’m confident that if you are an open minded person you will leave the conference excited and ready to face the world and all your challenges in life in a totally different way.

I believe that we are all capable of greatness and the first step to achieving our goals is commitment, passion, authenticity and persistence. Putting ourselves in a position where we can learn and meet open minded individuals means that we are helping ourselves.

The value you will receive from the Think Beyond Conference will exceed your investment. I promise you will NOT be disappointed by this experience. Can you tell I’m excited about the conference? It’s because I’m a passionate and excited man who wants you there! You can book your Early Bird Tickets here or call 22101935.