This story was originally written on Medium. I just came out of my meeting with MSE Meeting Rooms. I feel amazing because the client was very happy with his recent results.

Let me give you in introduction. We created a digital strategy 3 months ago for MSE that included social media, email marketing and online marketing. As any business MSE wants sales but what I like about them is that they listened to all my advice and implement it with me.

They are very open minded to new ideas and they believe in #InspireToSell. They don’t expect things to change overnight and they are willing to put in the hours (an article I wrote on Medium about hustling).

The reason that I’m so happy is because they just closed a new deal worth £50k. They are amazed by it as well because they closed the deal plus they have more potential clients in the pipeline.

They were very sceptical about working with a digital agency (IQDigital Agency) because the previous agency they worked with didn’t deliver.They made the decision and we started working with them 3 months ago.

The £50,000 sale came from an email campaign that we send out. Now don’t go all out and say it was an email campaign so start sending newsletters. It’s not just about the email, it’s about everything.

Engaging in social media, creating phenomenal content, providing value, writing blog articles and inspiring people to buy.

We changed their message as well. We discovered a message that stands for what they believe in, their story. I talked about it on my video blog#InspireToSell. Their previous message was: ‘Inspiring Meeting Rooms In Central London’. We changed it to this one:

‘’The Perfect Environment For Success’’

It’s just a slogan or a marketing message, it’s what they believe in. They want business people in London and around the world to succeed and they are communicating it.

It’s not just about a slogan, email, social or blog it’s about everything, the messaging, colours, what day the campaign was send, the time it was send, the frequency that emails are send every month.

Do you see my point? It’s everything. It’s not just about one specific activity, it’s a lot of strategic activities. What you have to do in order to succeed and have a successful digital strategy? You need to have patience and communicate to the world your story in a very creative way. You have to put in the hours, have quality content and have a comprehensive digital strategy.

Of course you have to have all your other things in place, like systems, pricing, profitability and other business aspect of your business. My job is to create brand awareness and build brands. Like I always say you have to#ThinkBeyond.

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Here’s her testimonial: