Recently, I had an online bully commenting on one of my videos about the self-help industry gurus. What I always say to clients at the agency and what I do is I always reply to people. The reason why is because people that hate are just people who want to be heard. They are in pain. We need to show them love not hate.

I replied to a couple of his rude comments in a very polite way and I told the gentleman that he should write a book or create a YouTube channel to express his feelings and ideas. He went on and on about how I shouldn’t tell people that I lied for 30 years. After my last comment he wrote six more aggressive comments, some in CAPITALS.

At one point he wrote that when somebody is rude to him he uses a term that I don’t know (ad hominem) and he is rude 10X times. I wasn’t rude to him by the way, because he commented a lot I just asked him why is he not doing a conference and informing people about his opinions. In my, if somebody is rude to another human being it’s just anger that they have in them. I try to develop empathy and self-awareness every day.

We never know what the other person is going through and why somebody has so much hate towards a stranger. Maybe when they were young their parents didn’t give them enough attention, maybe their wife left them, so I always try to understand why they are behaving in a certain way.

The way I see it, if we are bullied online we really can’t help the bully, all we can do is hope for the best for them, hope that they will be okay one day. People hate for different reasons; it can be jealousy or it can be because they crave attention from others. The reason why is because they are unhappy with something in their own life. To some people, putting others down makes them feel better, especially on social media because they don’t have consciousness.

I will never forget when somebody sent me a message last year apologizing for being rude to me 4 years ago. I thought that the guy made a mistake because I didn’t remember him so I texted him back saying is this message for me? He said yes, I’ve been going to a therapy and I have an exercise to do, to apologize to people that I was rude to online and offline. He told me that he was sorry and it will never happen again. I said it’s okay, I forgive you and I don’t actually remember your comments because I try not to hold grudges.

The best thing to do to deal with people that hate is just to sympathize with them, if you pray, just pray that their soul will be healed one day. It’s not our life, it’s theirs. We shouldn’t hate back; hate doesn’t solve anything. Only love can heal, show them love and leave them alone.

Some want attention, we can’t give them our attention, we just can’t. Attention for them is like drugs, it’s an addiction. The more attention we give the more energy we waste. Why waste our precious energy? There is no point.

I want you to think about this: show me a successful, fulfilled and happy person on planet Earth that would write negative comments to a stranger? You will not find even one. Show me a person that will write four comments after he sees that you don’t respond to him anymore. You will not find anybody. People who are happy and fulfilled are not worried about what others are doing, they are focused on what they are doing and they are busy watering their own grass.

I read in the 10X book by Grant Cardone a quote that I will never forget; get so busy improving your life that you don’t have the time to look at what others do or have. This is so true. When we are living our life and we are focused on our things we don’t have time to see what others are doing. When we have our purpose we know that there are more important things in life.

People sometimes hate because they can’t do what you are doing and they want you to fail so they can feel better about themselves. Some people get high by tearing others’ buildings down because their building was torn down.

Don’t think of haters, just do your own thing, if you want to do something, just go and do it. Live your life as you desire, nobody should tell you what you should do. Somebody’s else opinion is not your reality and your opinion is not somebody’s else reality.

This is for people that hate; like really? You have the time to hate? Is your life so perfect that you have the time to hate? Please have a look in the mirror and tell the truth to yourself, why do you really hate yourself so much? Because the truth is that for you to hate it means that you hate yourself so much that you go and try to bring other people down. History taught us that hate doesn’t solve anything, more wars are created, more couples break up, more innocent children suffer and more countries are divided. Love is the answer. Start looking for the real reason you hate, start loving yourself. Research and find somebody who can help you, there are a lot of great qualified people out there that can help you. I know it’s hard to admit it, it’s hard but believe me once you do that you feel free, you will be alive again.

Boys and girls, please, just let’s concentrate on ourselves and remember that by hating back we are not helping anybody. Don’t wish bad things for other people, just pity them and think of how much pain they are going through. Please, love more, smile more because we all deserve love regardless of our background, our skin color or our surname. Let’s unite and spread more love to the world because this is what we all need.