This article is a bit controversial because you might have a different opinion. I want to share with you an example of how a brand is simply waisting their money online…

I don’t like criticising or complaining, I never actually do. So let me tell you a story about a brand that I like. Last year I bought an amazing book, The Chimp Management (the link goes to Amazon not their website). I read the book and liked it a lot. It was an amazing book and it helped me shift my mindset. After I read the book I wrote an article on my Tumblr on how good the book was and I tweeted to them as well.

After I went on to their website I realised that I can help them with their digital marketing activities so I called them. I spoke with a very nice and polite lady that told me we will speak later. Long story short we spoke again after 6 months and then again this May. The new marketing manager returned my call (Thank you very much for that) and we had a chat. He told me that they are building a new website and they are fine with their web presence.

The next day I saw an advert on Facebook that was promoting their workshop.

Their Facebook Advert
Their Facebook Advert

I clicked on the link and it took me to their ‘landing page’ for the event.

Landing Page in PDF
Landing Page in PDF

Okay let me start first telling you that the book is amazing book, it’s a great book that I genuinely like. Their web presence not as much. In this day and age you need to have a powerful web presence, it’s not a choice anymore if you do social or not.

In order to sell anything, even if it’s a FREE event you have to have a great landing page, copy, advert and presence in general. The most valuable thing that we have is time and nobody want’s to waste time. So even if it’s free you are asking them for something more than £. You are asking them for their time.

You can’t be doing marketing like it’s 1995, for crying out loud, this is simply unacceptable. I can’t believe that there are brands out there that have a similar web presence yet they complain that sales are low.

In order to influence people to do something you have two options: 1 is to manipulate or 2 to inspire them. In order to inspire them you have to have great social and web presence.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 16.10.32

I will give you some great examples for landing pages and web presence:

Think Beyond Workshop:

Think Beyond


Johnny Cassell Workshop:

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 12.52.50


Principles Of PR Book:

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 12.54.54


I hope you understand and go back to revise your web and social web presence.

In this day and age we have to do more, we as human beings are more selective and we make our minds subconsciously about people and brands.

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