We all beat ourselves up about our past, some of us do it every day in our head. It’s a hobby that we all need to stop and start loving ourselves more. Of course I understand, it’s easy to say but seems hard to achieve. I beat myself up every single day about the goals I’m not achieving. I didn’t understand why I used to do that; maybe it’s because of our past, maybe because we want to achieve so much, or maybe because we are just mean to ourselves.

If a friend of ours asked us for advice and told us that he/she fucked up in the past, we would be very empathetic to him or her. We would advise them that their mistakes are in the past and that they shouldn’t worry and just look forward. We would remind them how great they are. We would remind them of their strengths, not weaknesses. We would try to encourage them to move forward and the most important advice we would tell them is that all our ‘mistakes’ are lessons; it’s simple as that.

What would happen if we gave this advice to ourselves? Everything would change instantly. The way I see it, all my mistakes and failures are life lessons. Every time my brain goes into a condemning mode I start having a conversation with myself reminding me what I have learned from all my previous experiences. If I didn’t fail and make mistakes it would mean I wouldn’t have learned anything and I wouldn’t be the man I am today. I’m grateful for all my mistakes and I’m sure I will make mistakes. I will fail and learn but that’s my bridge to achieve my goals; because if I don’t make mistakes it means I’m not growing, and for me, not growing means that I’m comfortable where I am.

Please, let’s change hobbies; rather than beating ourselves up about our past mistakes let’s encourage ourselves and remind ourselves of our own greatness, and that all our past mistakes we made were just small and large bridges to achieving our goals. Everything we have done in life has brought us here today.

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