I believe that reading books and implementing the things we learn is crucial to our success. It’s not just about reading books and doing nothing, it’s about implementing what we learn in real life.

I have been on a personal development journey for a couple of years now, and throughout the years I had two major breakthroughs. One was at Infinite Man Summit in 2017 and one was at Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within in 2019.

I truly believe that change doesn’t happen overnight or by attending one event or reading one book, I believe that breakthroughs happen by small daily changes. In order to see a major breakthrough, we need to be reading daily, meditating, opening our hearts, listening and doing the daily work.

It’s the same as having a fit body – we will not lose excessive weight overnight. It takes time, it takes practice.

In this article, I would like to share with you my 10 best personal development books that truly helped me change and view the world in a different way. It’s not about one book or one chapter it’s about reading the right book at the right time. Sometimes we might read a book but our consciousness level might not be there yet. Some books I read yearly because I believe they are very important. This was a very hard list to make as there are so many great books out there and I had to ‘limit’ this list to only 10 books. So here we go.

Number 10: Ego Is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday

This is a great book about understanding how we behave and how our ego keeps us in the same place. If you post selfies after reading the book, you didn’t understand the point of the book.

Number 9: I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons by Kevin Hart, Neil Strauss

This is not a ‘personal development’ book but it’s a very important book to understand how a global comedian become who he is today. He shares valuable life lessons that we can all learn and implement. We all see him right now, selling out 02 Arena but we didn’t see the time when he was handing out flyers in different cities, or traveling from one city to another city.

Number 8: The 5 Second Rule: Transform Your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage by Mel Robbins

This book is life-changing because it gives you a tool, an actual tool to use when we are scared of taking action. It can be small action like waking up at 05 am or it can be jumping out of a plane at 30feet with a parachute. I read this book a couple of years ago and I still use it whenever I’m scared of doing something.

Number 7: Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds by David Goggins

What can I say, David Goggins is a very tough man and he shares his personal story about how he transformed his mentality and how he managed to run ultra marathons. If you are a bit soft and don’t want the truth, skip this one. Once I finished this book for the first time I run a half marathon! Like I say, it’s not about reading, it’s doing the work. The key is not that I run a marathon, it’s the mentality shift.

Number 6: The Ultimate Jim Rohn Library by Jim Rohn

This is a classic book. It’s an Audiobook that I listened to it for a whole month. Jim Rohn used to be Tony Robbins coach – speaks volumes.

Number 5: The 10x Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure by Grant Cardone

A lot of people don’t like Grant Cardone’s tone of voice or think he is arrogant, well now in this crisis that we are in, this book should have been read years ago. He talked about how to manage this type of crisis. Unfortunately, he was right and I’m reading it again.

Number 4: The Truth: An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships by Neil Strauss

This is an amazing book that opened my mind to my habits and things that I used to do in my dating life. Neil Strauss explains to us why we behave a certain way, why we look for certain partners, why we keep dating the same people again and again. Must read if you want to improve your love life.

Number 3: The Book of Awakening: Having the Life You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have by Mark Nepo

This is a magical book. I truly love it and it’s actually on my to-read again list. If you want to ‘wake up’ and live with your heart this is a must-read book.

Number 2: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

I can’t praise this book enough. Life-changing, because of this book I started taking responsibility for what happens in my life. I stopped blaming circumstances and started looking in the mirror more. The author speaks about how we can take control of our lives and live a better life. I can say that this book helped me quit smoking, move to London, break up and push myself and make drastic changes in my business.

Number 1: Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl

Every Christmas I reread this book, this is pure gold. Victor Frankl talks about life in Concentration Camps, how it affected people psychologically, how some overcome it and how some gave up on life. It really puts things in perspective. People going crazy because of Coronavirus – I can’t imagine what they would do in a Concentration Camp. This is a must-read book.

Number 1: The Choice: Embrace the Possible by Edith Eva Eger

I couldn’t leave this book out. I don’t have words for this book. This book is number one with Man’s Search For Meaning. Edith Eger shares her story in the Holocaust, how she survived and how she is living now. This is a brilliant book not just because it inspires you, but because her story is touching, moving and she explains how we can always choose how we react – we always have a choice.

There you have it, 11 books to read right now. I highly recommend them. What other books you read and recommend, I would love to hear your suggestions. Comment below and let me know.