I received some emails from people telling me that they want to attend my Think Beyond Workshop but in order to do so, they need to convince their boss to approve their attendance. Obviously I want as many people to take part because I truly believe that if you are passionate about growing your business you will learn a LOT during this workshop and be able to translate knowledge into practice. I decided to write this blog article to give you some reasons why your marketing team should attend…

The Think Beyond workshop is not your ordinary digital marketing workshop, it’s much more than that. In order to expand our career and build our brand we always need to be learning and evolving in our field. I never stop learning, reading books, attending conferences in London and elsewhere in Europe, meeting new people and obtaining as much information as I can. The reason why I love learning is because I believe in endless opportunities. I love sharing my knowledge and my ideas with all of you on YouTube, Twitter, Periscope, My blog and obviously leading workshops so I can pass on my know-how, provide you with hands-on experience and help you succeed.

I live by a simple motto: I want to help others achieve their dreams so I can achieve mine. What your marketing department will learn from this workshop will be amazing. Let me firstly tell you what it  entails.


Thinking beyond is about the way business should be done. From how it communicates with it’s audience right up to the products and services it offers. It’s about the core values in marketing and broadcasting these to the right audience which also share these very same values. These could be to doing more with less, or creating positive relationships.

I believe in continuous learning and educating marketeers about how their brands can be marketed within a digital space. I believe in pushing my boundaries to explore the marketing, the social media and business world. Even more than this, I believe in empowering people to believe in endless opportunities.

It’s not just about a simple Tweet, a Facebook post, A Snapchat, A YouTube Video, A Periscope or an email campaign, it’s about engaging with each individual on a personal level. Creating a live community of people. It’s about delivering more than expected, it’s all about over delivering. Taking it one step further, it’s about giving your clients so much in advance that when you sell they will be buying from you.

It’s about firstly inspiring and educating people. Focusing on each and every individual, not on just a number of followers. Followers are people, sometimes we forget this and treat them like objects. We need to treat people like kings and queens.

We need to deliver experiences that will wow them in every aspect of the business. This is a new era that redefines everything, an era of empowered consumers and employees and one in which average is no longer accepted by clients.  Expectations are high.

This is our time to make business relevant, because people – after all – are everything.


Here are the topics which will be covered in the workshop:

  • Why People Buy: Participants will learn why people buy. If you want quick sales you can run a special offer campaign but if you want loyal clients you need to communicate your belief and what you stand for. Here we will discuss how to create an inspiring message to inspire people to buy.
  • Social Media: How to advertise on social media, use native advertising and social videos. How to transform your likes and followers into actual sales by focusing on the quality of your fans, rather than just numbers.
  • Case Studies: We will look into successful case studies from Cyprus, UK and the global market.
  • GiveOrDie: How to attach so much value to your products or services that when you start to see, your clients will be loyally buying from you.
  • Content Marketing: Content is key! We live in an era where we need to demonstrate how good our product or service is. I will share strategies with you on how to create and distribute relevant content to your target audience.

To view full schedule click here.

In order to stay relevant and competitive we must be knowledgeable about current trends and successful strategies. It’s in your best interest to take advantage of what I have to share with your marketing team. You want your marketing department team to focus their time and energy on getting results right? Well at the Think Beyond workshop I will challenge their current way of thinking and share actionable advice with them that will put your brand on the fast track.


Last but not least, networking! Your people need to network with other individuals, meet and share ideas in other industries. The workshop is a great opportunity to meet like minded people who are involved in the field of marketing and in the business world, so this is your chance to also get to know their perspectives.

You shouldn’t worry about the investment of €400 for the conference, because the value and action steps that your team will learn will be worth €1 million in the long run. With the information they will obtain from the workshop, they will instantly be able to adapt the strategies and advice I will share with them into profit and success. Trust me, it’s a bargain.


You might be thinking who the hell is Alexander Novicov? Right? Well a quick brief about me: I started in digital marketing seven years ago and five years ago I opened the first digital agency in Cyprus, called IQDigital – which was previously known as the vivid web marketing group. During my time working with digital marketing, I have worked with more than 100 local and global brands, created more than 500 online projects and helped thousands of people. I give talks at The Business Show in Olympia London and  at the University Of Nicosia. I get hired to go and give talks at private companies, such as, EKA Group, PSL London and others. I had have the privilege to work with companies like Pizza Express, T.G.I Fridays, Stella Artois, Khairmax, Genzo, Eurovision and many others.


Go ahead, send your valuable marketing member to the Think Beyond Workshop. You can email me at [email protected] or give me a call on 22-101 935 if you have any questions. Tickets are still available online at: www.alexnovicov.com/thinkbeyond

If you wish to read more testimonials you can do so by visiting my LinkedIn.

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